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๑๒. Economy and Simplicity with Maximum Benefits

            His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej the Great was economical, testified by his personal lifestyle such as by the familiar photograph of his toothpaste that was totally used up. He also wore each piece of clothes for a long time.

             At the same time, in implementing development works and helping the people, His Majesty also adhered to simplicity and economy in solving the people’s problems. In this way, the people are able to make a living and solve their problems by themselves, using and applying the local available materials in each region, which does not require high investment or complicated technology. His Majesty emphasized “Cost Effectiveness,” not “Cost Benefit,” because the people’s problems cannot be evaluated in monetary term. Therefore, the most important thing is not profit, but rather is the fact that all of the people’s sufferings were tackled based on sustainability and happiness.