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Development According to Steps, Necessity, and Economy

          His Majesty the King emphasizes development work which aims to strengthen the community to the self-supporting level in order to equip the community with a strong foundation prior to future progress. He uses the word “explosion from within” which means the community and village must be strengthened before being exposed to the outside world. The progress from outside should not be brought into a community which is not prepared or made ready. His Majesty wished to assist his subjects as necessary and appropriate with their status in order to enable them to be self-reliant and to comfortably cope with the outside world as quoted: 

“…Development of the nation must be carried out in stages, starting with the laying of the foundation by ensuring the majority of the people with their basic necessities through the use of economical means and equipment in accordance with theoretical principals. Once reasonably firm foundation has been laid and in effect, higher levels of economic growth and development should next be promoted. If we were to concentrate only on fast economic progress without allowing the plan of operation to harmonize with the conditions of the country and the people, an imbalance in various aspects would be caused and may bring about failure in the end, as witness the serious economic crisis currently faced by many a developed country…”