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Holistic Approach

          With the holistic or integrated approach, His Majesty attentively looks at matters in a comprehensive way. He realizes that all matters are dynamic and linked with one another including problems which may strike the people while relatively seeking for solutions. The “New Theory Farming Practice” that His Majesty introduced to the Thai people as an alternative for making a living is a marvelous example of this approach. It serves as a set of principles on the proper management of land and water sources, fundamental factors for doing agriculture, to create optimum benefits for Thai farmers who own an average land of 1.6 – 2.4 hectares (10 - 15 rai). As the “New Theory” concept supplies sufficient water for agriculture, the productivity will become greater. In this light, the farmers should learn about the management methods and marketing as well as pooling their efforts in the form of groups to build up the community’s strength in order to be ready for exposure to the outside world in a comprehensive manner. This devised land management encompasses the “New Theory” Phases I, II, and III.