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The Royal-initiated Upper Lam Phayang River Basin Development Project, Khao Wong District, Kalasin Province


Royal Initiatives:

His Majesty the King granted a royal initiative on 25 November 1992 to consider constructing a reservoir at upper Lampayang Basin along with a water regulating tower. 


Later on 16 November 1995, His Majesty the King granted another initiative to expand the water delivery system and consider the possibility of digging a pond fixed for each plot for storing water which is transferred through such system, as specified by the New Theory practice. He also raised the possibility of diverting water from Huai Pai Reservoir, which is close to Mukdahan Province, to replenish Lampayang Reservoir in order to expand the areas under irrigation. 





  1. To be a water source for the people living in the project area
  2. For the villagers at Khao Wong District in Kalasin Province, the reservoir will solve the problem of water shortage for agriculture consumption during the dry season and alleviate flood damage during the rainy season.



Areas of Implementation:

Khao Wong District, Kalasin Province




Responsible Agencies:



Royal Irrigation Department




Year of Implementation:


Since 1992




The Upper Lampayang Reservoir was constructed and the earth dyke around the office site was built together with a pertinent structure and an irrigation system. The earth dam has a height of 16 meters, a length of 725 meters, a width of 8 meters, and a storage capacity of 4.4 million cubic meters. 


The reservoir is capable of storing 4 million cubic meters of water, and equipped with a water delivery system of 14,720 kilometers long. The water diversion structure is also built at Huai Pai Reservoir, equipped with a 35,950 kilometer long water delivery pipeline to transfer water from the reservoir to support about 1,600 hectares (10,000 rai) of cropland, covering 5 villages and benefiting 579 households.





  1. The reservoir can supply water to support about 736 hectares (4,600 rai) of cropland area which covers 5 villages and benefits 862 households.
  2. It helps people in the project area to have water for consumption and agricultural uses all year round, as well as have some reserve to meet the need during the rainy season and the dry season.
  3. It serves as an aquatic animal breeding ground, which provides the people with extra earning from freshwater fishery in addition to agriculture.
  4. It helps to alleviate flood disaster during the rainy season at the far end of the reservoir.
  5. It will serve as a new relaxation spot for the locals and other people in the nearby environs.