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Background of the RDSCs

          In implementing the Royal Development Projects, the development work must follow steps beginning with the strengthening of the community which consequently encourages the people to become self-supporting. At the same time, the environment should be conserved and developed. Modern knowledge and technology should be promoted and disseminated among the people. However, the development should be undertaken in ways consistent with the topographical and sociological conditions of the local areas which are different in terms of the nature of the problems concerned. This is expressed in His Majesty's speech quoted below:

“…Development must take account of the local environment in terms of the physical environment, the sociological environment and the cultural environment. By the local sociological environment, we mean certain characteristics and ways of thinking which we cannot force people to change. We can only suggest. We cannot go in to help people by trying to make them the same as us. However, if we go in and find out what the people really want and then fully explain how they can best achieve their aims, the principles of development can be fully applied.”

          Accordingly, His Majesty initiated the establishment of the six Royal Development Study Centres in all the regions of the country based on the following guidelines and objectives.