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๒๒. Do Not be too Dogmatic About Theory While Adhering to Simplicity

          According to His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej the Great, the development should compromise and come to terms with the natural and social environment as well as psychological condition of the community, that is, “do not too be dogmatic about theory” rather than adhering to the rigid academic or technical principles that might be in appropriate locally, because the conditions of the problems are not similar. Using intelligence to consider the problems prudently thoroughly, one will find new ways of development to solve the people’s problems.

          His Majesty the Late King loved to simplify things. Difficult matters would be explained through simple procedures to make them understandable to all. He made use of the natural law as a means to problem solving. Ironically, to simplify things” or “simplicity” turns out to be even more difficult. However, it is the key to His Majesty’s development guideline in running the royal development projects.