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           Another important principle of the Royal Development Projects is that the Thai people should be encouraged to get along with their society and be “self-supporting”. 

           Being “self-supporting” means the ability to lead a life freely, sustainably and comprehensively coupled with the ability to adapt to the changes in time in order to achieve appropriateness, consistency and balance. Self-supporting can happen both at the individual and the community levels. In connection with the principle of self-supporting, His Majesty once stated: 

“…Understanding of the situation facing those whom we want to help is most important. Helping them to acquire the basic needs of life is the most effective means of assistance. Therefore, before giving assistance in each case each time, we must take account of their wants and needs. We must understand the situation they are encountering and decide the means and extent to which they can be helped. Another thing, we should attach to the important principle that we help them in order to enable them to help themselves…”