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Starting from the Micro Level

          His Majesty the King usually looks at problems from the macro level but in problem solving, he will always start from the micro level by solving immediate problems that most people take for granted, as can be seen in his speech, 

“…If you have a headache, you won’t be able to think about anything… In that case, you have to take care of the headache first… That is not the real solution to the problem but you have to get rid of the headache first so that you will be in a condition where you are able to think… In solving problems from the macrocosm, one has to pull down everything. I don’t agree with this. An example can be seen in a house in a dilapidated state...its many parts are in ruins and it is not worth repairing… The whole house has to be demolished…but then where are we going to live…our dwelling place is gone. Repair has to be made bit by bit; the whole structure should not be pulled down.