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The Royal-initiated Coastal Resources Rehabilitation Project, Pattani Province and Narathiwat Province


Royal Initiative:

Her Majesty the Queen graciously granted an initiative to implement a project to tackle the problems due to the overuse and misuse of the natural resources and a lack of the proper coastal resources management which result in a decrease of the number of aquatic animals in the area. In this connection, Her Majesty suggested solving the problems based on the conceptual framework of the existence of the natural resources and environment, community participation in the development process, and the state of self-reliance in terms of resources, in a sustainable manner.


1. To solve the problems due to the overuse and misuse of the natural resources and a lack of the proper coastal resources management

2. To propagate and nurture the coastal aquatic animals


Areas of Implementation:

Coastal areas in Pattani and Narathiwat Province covering about 100 kilometres

Responsible Agencies:

Department of Fisheries, Pattani and Narathiwat Province


Year of Implementation:

Since 2002


1. Propagation of the coastal aquatic animals

- Setting up a place for propagating and nurturing the coastal aquatic animals which will be released back to the sea and creating artificial corals which imitates nature to serve as a gathering place and a habitat for marine fish. In the implementation, 208 train bogies are placed down on the sea base, separated into 5 groups of 40 each, using cement pipeline of various sizes and Sung, local style artificial corals made of inexpensive and locally available materials such as bamboo trunks, coconut leaves, ropes and sacks, to create a gathering site for the aquatic animals which extend for a length of 19 kilometres.

2. Maintenance work

- Establishing a state mechanism for the maintenance work and to strengthen the community in the formulation of the preventive, monitoring and control measures in line with the laws. This activity comprises designation of restricted zones for certain fishing boats, modification of fishing equipment and setting up of groups in different communities to participate in the management work.



  1. The project will be beneficial for rehabilitating the fishery resources in the coastal areas. 
  2. The local fishermen will not have to go far out in the sea to make a living. This helps to reduce the costs and the risks of the fishery activities.


Within less than a month after the placing of the artificial corals of various kinds, the fishermen found fish that had once completely disappeared from this sea.