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ORDPB Representative Giving a Briefing for the Participants of the Online International Training Programme “Sufficiency Economy in Microfinance for SMEs Development”

     On Friday 19 March 2021 at 12.0015.30  hrs., Ms. Thantitta Nakornthap, Director of Foreign Affairs Group,gave a briefing on Introduction to the Philosophy of Sufficiency Economy”  to the participants of the Online International Training Programme under the theme of The New Normal with Sufficiency Economy Philosophy towards a Sustainable Developmentwhich is the cooperation between the Academic Service Centre, Bhurapha University and Thailand International Cooperation Agency (TICA). The briefing was broadcasted via ZOOM Cloud Meeting Application to 61 participants from 17 countries such as Azerbaijan, Myanmar, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, etc.

     This session was aimed at exchanging knowledge and introducing of the Philosophy of Sufficiency Economy in order to be applied to improve oneself and the countries sustainably. The participants were highly interested and asked for more information on the change after implementing the Philosophy of Sufficiency Economy as well as applying the New Theory Farming practice in the foreign countries.

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