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Background of ORDPB

          The government is very well aware of His Majesty the King's development works in various aspects for the well-being of the his subjects, particularly those who live in remote, rural and underdeveloped areas. In fact, the Royal Development Projects play a crucial role in complementing the government's policy. The results of the Royal Development Projects not only uplift the rural people's well-being but also contribute to the nation as a whole with respect to economic progress and security.

          However, the implementation of the Royal Development Projects in the past lacked cohesiveness because each agency carried out the work on its own without coordinating with other agencies concerned. Therefore, in order to serve and implement the royal initiatives through a consistently integrated system which allows the Royal Development Projects to run efficiently, the Thai government under the leadership of General Prem Tinnasulananda issued a “Regulation of the Office of the Prime Minister” which became effective on September 9, 1981. The regulation led to the establishment of the Coordinating Committee for Royal Development Projects which later became the Royal Development Projects Board as an organization at the national level with the responsibility of operating the Royal Development Projects.