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Vision and Mission

Vision of the Office of the RDPB

"To function as a central agency in coordinating, operating, monitoring and evaluating the implementation of the Royal Development Projects in order to enable government agencies, the private sector and the general public to carry out the projects effectively and successfully for the happiness of the people and prosperity of the country."

Missions of the Office of the RBPB
          Operational works concerning accompanying His Majesty the King, Her Majesty Queen Sirikit, and other members of the Royal Family during their royal visits are to receive and fulfill any royal development-related initiatives bestowed as well as present related information to Their Majesties; to coordinate the cooperation among the governmental agencies, the private sectors, the public organizations and foundation in carrying out the project implementations with a clear and accurate master plan consistent with the royal initiatives; to monitor and supervise the project evaluation in order to obtain the real results and impacts arise; to serve as a centre for the coordination, implementation and collection of the results of development-related study and research according to the royal initiatives in various areas; and to promote and support the result extension and the actions according to the guidelines for development in an attempt to bring about the stable prosperity of the people's well-being as well as the security of the societies as a whole.
           Operational Promotions are to be an academic centre providing the information concerning the royal project implementations; to conduct the study, the research and to develop the knowledge unit regarding the royal project implementations to facilitate the Office's work; to act as a pilot model for other government agencies and the private sectors in conducting the development work; to serve as a knowledge and information providing centre relating to the development projects conducted according to their Majesties' initiatives for the agencies concerned and the interest can come to study and make benefits from them to their work that the information system is developed with high technology.
          Assistance on the management of good organizational administration system with the application of technology includes; to use high-technology and modern equipment in order to facilitate the convenience and increase the efficiency of the project implementation while developing the ability of officials in all levels; together with support internal audition in order that the work implementation will run in a transparent and effective manner; to publicize the development work and the project implementation according to the royal initiatives so that the public comprehensively know and understand the projects. Then, the perception will bring about the collaboration among all agencies involved to target the aims in coordinating and conducting the project implementations, which is the major responsibility of the Office of the RDPB.