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          The official emblem of the Office of the Royal Development Projects Board depicts “The Voluntary Hanuman, under the Crown of Great Victory covering the Sacred Letter ‘Om' inside the Arch of Gem, holding a flag in his right hand and a trident in his left hand, and appears to be hovering above the clouds.”

The emblem means as follows:
          Hanuman who is a great monkey and commander of Ram's Semian Army (Ram is god Narai's incarnation or avatar). The right hand holding the Flag means he is the son of Phra Pai or the Wind God who has the power to yawn the Moon and Stars and is able to hover above the clouds. The left hand holding the Trident, which is his divine weapon, indicates his versatility. The picture of Hanuman in the Arch of Gem covered with the Great Crown of Victory, which is covered with the Sacred Letter ‘ Om ' means that Hanuman came to present himself to Lord Rama and volunteered to serve him by following him everywhere and helped Lord Rama to develop the country for the happiness of the people.